Our Favorite Wedding Photographers On Lake Atitlan


Our friends at Daniel Lopez Perez Photography have a wonderful history with Isla Verde. Daniel & Melissa originally started out as managers at our hotel when they both fell in love with the lake and decided to make their lives here. Their dreams came true when they were able to start a business doing something […]

Meditation’s Best Friend

julie yoga

Down dog, a pose everyone knows.  Some people love it, a resting place after a vigorous vinyassa practice, a grounding and invigorating exploration of self.  Then there are those who dread it, a place of trembling and imbalance.  And finally, there are those who really loathe the experience…especially when they spot a scorpion strutting across […]

Hotel Manager Wanted


Summary of Position Isla Verde is looking for a responsible person that speaks and writes perfect English and Spanish. Your main task will be ensuring the perfect operation of the hotel as a whole. The week will consist of 5 days of 8 hours shifts, with 2 days off in a row. Isla Verde provides […]

Air Yoga Retreat – A chance to fly!


Have you ever wanted to just lie around in a hammock all day?  What if you could simultaneously exercise and stretch your body, while comfortably hanging that hammock?  This idea is not as farfetched as it might seem. Join us in October for a week of flying and fun with this new yoga technique that […]

Canning & Jarring at Isla Verde


Recently Isla Verde has started jarring seasonal produce in order to have delicious products year-round.  Jarring can help you save money and can help you make sure to get fruits and veggies even when they’re not in season.  Plus, there are many items that can be jarred without having to buy a canning machine.  This […]

La Tiendita Eco-Chic Store


La Tiendita EcoChic is the latest addition to the living room at Isla Verde.  We’ve compiled all of our homemade, natural products and put them into a little corner for our guests to take with them on their journey in Guatemala or elsewhere. Products include our tote-bags, reusable water bottles, natural virgin coconut oil and […]

Upcoming Retreats at Isla Verde


Santa Cruz La Laguna will be an exciting place to be in the next couple of months!  Isla Verde is excited to have a number of upcoming retreats and events with a breadth of different activities and opportunities.  All of our retreats include accommodation, food and other unique activities that are organized according to the […]

Isla Verde Personal Retreats


Are you in need of some time to yourself?  Maybe some time to take a break and reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be? Or do you just need to break away from the everyday stress that work, family or life brings you?  Perhaps it’s time for you to take a […]

Lake Atitlan Coconut Oil


Natural coconut oil is one of the most beneficial and multi-useful natural substances you can use.  It be used on your hair, your skin, you can cook with it and even take it as a supplement on a daily basis!  Although there are many different brands and places to find coconut oil, it’s important to […]

Green Yoga Retreats in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Whether you’re hosting a retreat of beginners or for the most advanced yoga experts, Isla Verde is the place where you can ensure the perfect space and experience for you and your students.  You’re also offered the option of participating in one of Isla Verde’s upcoming retreats , or you can customize your experience by organizing your own […]