Confirming a booking

To confirm your booking with us, we need a deposit of at least 50% of the total stay, being 1 nights the minimum amount. During Easter, Xmats and New Year holidays this deposit will be of 100%. Please check our terms and conditions for cancellation policy.

Making a deposit

There are several ways to make your deposit:

Through a bank transfer to US, European or Guatemalan accounts. Note for US customers; our banks do not charge us to receive a transfer, should your bank do this please make sure they charge your account and not ours for your transfer fees.
Through PayPal, an internet credit card processing system. We apply a 10% surcharge for these deposits.

Credit Card Payment

We do accept credit card payments trough our PayPal internet processing system, but we have a 10% surcharge for this service. Islaverde is set in a secluded and isolated part of Guatemala, with no land lines available, this means we can only accept credit cards via internet. Since PayPal does not allow for transfers to Guatemalan bank accounts we have to do it trough foreign bank accounts, meaning we have several transfer and currency exchange costs.
(*)Please let us know whereabouts you are so we can process the payment accordingly.

Other payment methods

Please note that there are NO ATMs or BANKS in Santa Cruz, you will only find this service in Panajachel or San Pedro.
We accept payments in US$ or Quetzales, both cash and as a deposit in our bank accounts. You can do these deposits online from our lounge using your online banking system.

We also accept deposits in our European Bank accounts in Euros. You can do these deposits online from our lounge using your online banking system. Traveler checks are also accepted.

International Credit Cards are accepted with a 10% surcharge –see above-

Getting to IslaVerde

The hotel is located on the waterfront of Santa Cruz la Laguna. There is no road access to Santa Cruz so you need to take a boat from either Panajachel or San Pedro, Panajachel being the most common town to arrive in.

Once you arrive in Pana you need to get to the Tzanjuyú dock at the end of Calle del Embarcadero, where all the boats leave for San Pedro, San Marcos and Santa Cruz (everybody knows this dock and any travel agency will drop you there on request). Once at the dock you need to take a public boat (10Q per person) to Santa Cruz – they leave every 15 to 30 minutes, the first one at 6am and the last one at 7.30pm. Please remember to ask the driver to drop you at IslaVerde’s private dock so you save yourself a little walk from the main dock (10mins). They may charge you an extra 5Q for this drop off. If you are arriving outside of these hours, or would like a more direct boat service, please let us know ahead of time and we can arrange a private boat to pick you up.

Things you might need

The temperature at the lake is pretty warm throughout the day, but cools down a bit at night, so we advise you to bring something warm with you. A flashlight might be handy if you are planning on moving around at night
since there are no streetlamps around. A good set of walking shoes is also advisable if you intend to go on a hike and, of course, a bathing suit is a must!

Other Services provided by Islaverde

We can have a variety of services available that you can book with us once you get here. This includes a sauna, hot tub, cultural and natural excursions, kayaks, hikes, boat rides, yoga and spanish lessons. If you need transportation services to get here, either shuttle or boat pick-up, please let us know by email and we can arrange it for you. Please see our Activities listing and Packages  for further information.

Check in time

The check in time start at 13.00. If you arrive before this time and his room still not ready, do not worry we take care of your luggage in the office. While you can relax and enjoy our restaurant, reception room, the Lounge, balcony, Islaverde’s garden and the view of the place. Also if you want you can swim in the lake or enjoy our yoga studio.

Check out time

The Check out time is at 11.00am. Please ask that you respect this rule, so that our cleaning staff have sufficient time to prepare the room for guests who enter. The chek out day is essential to remove your luggage from the room at 11.00am, you can leave it at the reception. We invite you to continue enjoying the beauty of the hotel the rest of the day. If you plan to leave Islaverde before 8:00 am, please let our staff know at reception before 16.00 on the day before, so they can prepare your build.

Are the TIP´s included in my final account of accommodation?

The tip is not included in your final bill. The tip that we suggest is 10% of your final bill, which can be left in a jar at the reception. Once a month all tips received by the good service offered to our guests are divided between our Staff.

Do you have a safe-box?

It will provide a key to your room. Although IslaVerde and SantaCruz have no problems with safety, but we recommend that you leave locked your cabin or suite. We also have safe-boxes in the office so you can store your valuables, money and other documents that are important.

Do you have Internet service?

We do have internet service, you can rent a computer from the hotel. The price of the half hour is Q 15 and for the hour Q30. W also have Wiffi but keep in mind that only works in the restaurant area, this has a cost of Q50 for the day, and Q120 for the week.
Because of our limited bandwith is not allow to use Youtube, skype or any other program that requires downloading

Is it possible to make phone calls, national and international?

In IslaVerde we do have telephone, which guests can use when they needed. Please note that this is also the phone call from the hotel, so please limit your calls. The prices for calls are available in the office. Please keep your calls no more than 10 minutes.

How I can reserve the hot tub?

We have a beautiful and homemade hot tub, which is heated by wood. The service of the hot tub is offered depending on the availability of the wood and the weather conditions. The price of the tub is $ 40 for the service. Come to the office to reserve but at least 4 hours in advance.

Do you have laundry service?

The laundry service is available depending on weather conditions and the time for which you need it. Machine wash and fold is offered Q80.00 per load.

What times of food they serve?

We have a very complete breakfast menu available from 8:00 am, but from 7.30 am we offer to you a delicious fresh brewed coffee. Our lunch menu is offered from 12:00 pm until 5:30 p.m. Every night we serve a different 3 course dinner (appetizer, entree and dessert) at 6:30 pm. Please let us know in the reception or in the restaurant if you will be dinner with us before 3:00 pm. Also let us note if you have some dietary specification, and if is possibly we will we attend. The entire meal have a cost of Q100 and includes coffee or tea.

Do you have corkage service in the restaurant?

The restaurant offers a variety of drinks. However, you can bring your own bottle of wine at dinner, and we will gladly open it and will provide the wine glasses at a cost of Q55, including recycling of the bottle as part of the service. If other liquor bottle corkage price is Q150. If you only want to uncork wine served in your room or on patios also charge corkage for Q20.00

What are your policies areas for smokers and nonsmokers?

We ask our guests not to smoke in cabins, suites or roofed areas and restaurant, yoga studio, bathrooms, etc.. Please be considerate of other guests who do not share your habit. If you smoke please ask us for an ashtray in the office or restaurant.

It is possibly to hike?

The walks and views around Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful found in Guatemala. You can start your hike From IslaVerde in local trails which will take you right into Santa Cruz (20 minutes) and to the left, you can walk to Jaibalito (25 to 30 minutes), Tzununa (2.30 hours), San Marcos (3.30 hours ), and finally to San Pedro (5.30 hours). Overall if you like hiking and enjoy nature this is the place to do it. Make sure you take enough water, sunscreen, and remember it’s better to walk in the morning.

Although usually safe, we recommend travel in group and leave your valuables and important documents in the hotel. Please check with reception on the trails for updates. Remember to leave the room key, and make sure you have made your reservation for dinner. We also have local guides available if you wish, but note that the walks depend on their physical condition. Ask about our packages and tours at the reception.