Green Weddings
Green Weddings
Green Weddings

Green Weddings Low impact for the environment… and your pocket.

At Isla Verde we make an effort to decrease the environmental impact of our events. Our green weddings are gorgeous and conventional but without the waste. We put extra thought into every single detail in order to minimize our impact and your expense.

Stunning Settings and Decor - Islaverde Atitlan Hotel

Stunning Settings

Having the most beautiful lake in the world as your stage already provides an earth-friendly venue.  We also ensure that all of our decorations are based on natural materials.  We will make an effort to surprise you with imaginative solutions!

Divine Catering - Islaverde Atitlan Hotel

Unique Catering

Our event menus burst with fresh seasonal delicacies.  Our kitchen staff can provide gourmet, buffet-style meals or seated and served meals, and can also accommodate vegetarian and vegan needs.  Please see our restaurant for more information about our Food philosophy.

Boat Loads of Flowers - Islaverde Atitlan Hotel

Lots of Flowers

Guatemala has a big variety of flowers, with exotic species.  This enables us to use lots of seasonal fresh flowers to create countless unique arrangements just for you!

Thoughtful Favors - Islaverde Atitlan Hotel

Thoughtful Favors

Making a small donation from each guest to a local cause is a considerate alternative to a tangible, potentially wasteful favor. If you are set on giving a small gift, we have several earth-friendly favor ideas that we can suggest.

 Local Carbon Offsetting - Islaverde Atitlan Hotel

Local Carbon Offsetting

To help offset your travel carbon footprint, you will have the option of contributing to reforestation of the lovely Mayan community that hosts us.  This provides the added plus that you will be supporting the local economy and the preservation of Lake Atitlan.

Please contact us or mail us at hotel@islaverdeatitlan.com. for more information about hosting your green wedding at Islaverde.