Lake Atitlan´s Xocomil wind

Lake Atitlan is the destination for thousands of people every year and is claimed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It provides a sense of natural wonderment found in few other places in Guatemala. The native Mayan culture compliments the mystique of the lake with traditional lifestyle and culture. But anyone staying around the lake for more a day or two can experience one of the most interesting things about the lake: the Xocomil (pronounced show-koh-MEEL). Xocomil is the strong, sudden, midday winds that occur on a regular basis at Lake Atitlan.

This natural phenomenon occurs when the warm air from the ocean meets the cooler air of the Guatemalan highlands. These two fronts meet exactly over Lake Atitlan and are a daily occurrence for those living around the lake. Mayan legends and spirituality claim that the wind, when coming from the south, carries away the sin of the lake. Alternatively, they believe that if the wind is coming from the north, the wind is carrying away the soul of a person whose life was taken by the lake.

The Xocomil and Lake Atitlan have enchanted and captivated thousands, if not millions, of travelers from all parts of the world. Accompany that with a stay at Isla Verde and you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience and memories to last a lifetime.