Canning & Jarring at Isla Verde

Recently Isla Verde has started jarring seasonal produce in order to have delicious products year-round.  Jarring can help you save money and can help you make sure to get fruits and veggies even when they’re not in season.  Plus, there are many items that can be jarred without having to buy a canning machine.  This method of jarring is called water-bath canning.

Water-bath canning basically involves using a clean, glass jar with a metal lid and submerging the jar into boiling water with the contents inside.  Once the jar is removed from the hot water, the container shrinks and seals the lid to the jar.

In order to keep certain items stored for an extended period of time, however, make sure that the item is highly acidic, or contains vinegar or lemon juice.  Acidic items do not allow for microorganisms and other bacteria to grow in the food, ensuring that the food you have canned is safe to consume in the future.

There are multiple references online about how to can your own food, which types of food to can as well as safety information about how to prevent your food from going bad.  The staff at Isla Verde is excited for this great learning experience and a new chance to continue being ecological in our practices.