Upcoming Retreats at Isla Verde

Santa Cruz La Laguna will be an exciting place to be in the next couple of months!  Isla Verde is excited to have a number of upcoming retreats and events with a breadth of different activities and opportunities.  All of our retreats include accommodation, food and other unique activities that are organized according to the type of retreat.

If you feel like learning the art of natural healing, join us in Mid-November for our Medicinal Plants Retreat with Marcus Veysey.  You can learn about the benefits of plants and herbs in order to have a happy, healthy life.

In December, explore the power of Xicoy, the powerful Cacao Spirit of Mayan Cosmology.  Guided by Thomas Owen Kiernan, attendees of this event will indulge themselves in the power of chocolate with activities ranging from yoga, breathing, and dance, all while learning how to incorporate the amazing super-food into their daily lives.   This will certainly be a tasty event!

Also in November,  guests are invited to finding inner balance through the ancient art of yoga with Charlie Boardley.  Celebrate the “Land of Eternal Spring,” a common way to describe the climate around Lake Atitlan, during this week-long experience.  Stretch your body and mind while overlooking the beauty of Guatemala and sleep under the protection of three majestic volcanoes.

With such a wide-range of activities, visitors at Isla Verde will find the perfect opportunity for self-discovery, reflection and personal therapy through any one of our upcoming retreats.  Check out our Upcoming Retreats page or contact Isla Verde for more information on these amazing events.