Green Yoga Retreats in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Whether you’re hosting a retreat of beginners or for the most advanced yoga experts, Isla Verde is the place where you can ensure the perfect space and experience for you and your students.  You’re also offered the option of participating in one of Isla Verde’s upcoming retreats , or you can customize your experience by organizing your own retreat.  While hosting a retreat at Isla Verde, you can be guaranteed a beautiful and natural location for each of your classes as well as a minimal impact on Mother Nature, all while spending much less than you could at resorts and other hotels in Central America.   Isla Verde is offering yoga retreats for some of them most competitive prices in all of Central America.

As for facilities, Isla Verde offers a new, large, open-air area that can fit up to 70 yoga mats at the same time.  We also have our smaller, enclosed room that can comfortably fit 25 yoga mats for a more intimate session.  Both of these spaces boast a gorgeous view of Lake Atitlan, which encourages a sense of calm and tranquility while exercising your body and mind.  Guests are also free to enjoy our green, garden spaces, lakefront swimming area and lobby.

Isla Verde encourages a sense of peace and tranquility to all who visit.  Yogis and their students are welcomed to take advantage of our other facilities, such as the hot tub, sauna and Slow Food restaurant.  Each meal prepared during the retreat will be a special experience, since we pride ourselves in taking the time and care to make delicious, healthy food.  The staff at Isla Verde makes sure that every one of our guests is taken care of when arranging classes or organizing other activities before, during and after retreats.

We offer a number of different packages that can be adapted to suit your group and make sure that everything is the way you’d like it. For more information, visit our upcoming retreats page or send us an email at  Bring your yoga retreat to Guatemala, and reduce your carbon footprint, save yourself money and enjoy a rich, ancient culture and astounding natural beauty.